Sparkling Souls Spreading Peace


The world is changing rapidly, and challenges faced by today’s generations are more complex and multi-faceted. Children and young adults today may have more choices than their ancestors, but they also grapple with more obligations, more to-do’s, more interactions, and more distractions than any generation before them.

Global challenges loom overhead, and tomorrow’s leaders need to be strong of heart and clear of mind so they can address these large-scale problems in compassionate, humane, and sustainable ways.

If society at large is to move forward in more constructive ways, we must instill in the children of today the seeds of love and unity, so that we can move beyond walls and build bridges of love and understanding. Peace must be at the forefront of global agendas and there is no better way to ensure outer peace than to help the leaders of tomorrow find inner peace today. It is our duty to help young hearts discover their inner Light so they can share this Light with the world around them.

At Darshan Education Foundation, we consider it our greatest responsibility and our highest privilege to help today’s younger generations acquire the blueprint and tools they need to realize their fullest potential so they can become the builders of a better tomorrow. The response of students to the happenings of the past two years has demonstrated that the past 25 years of hard work have been worth it and that we are moving in the right direction.
Today, as we celebrate this important milestone, I join all the staff of DEF and its many programs in an offering of sincere thanks. We offer our humble gratitude to Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for his visionary leadership, meticulous direction, and loving guidance over the past 25 years.

We applaud our hardworking staff who serve with sincerity and love every day.
We celebrate our students and graduates, the “sparkling souls” who are already “spreading love” to the world.

Ashwani Sachdeva
President, Darshan Education Foundation